© 2011, Have You Forgotten Providence, Brett H Runion. All rights reserved Mount Vernon - looking west

The Painting’s Setting

George Washington's Library

George Washington's Library Mount Vernon

is in George Washington’s Mount Vernon Library facing the south west window. The sunlight is shining through the window because the sun is low in the sky, taking place in early spring or fall. Why the attention to detail?  Early in the process I decided that I should try to make the painting as plausible as possible (even though the event most likely never happened which I will discuss later). Fortunately one can easily see the library from the internet. The original concept had Washington setting at his desk with “Wash” and “Nelly” looking at the coat, but that turned out to be too informal. I felt it needed to be more dramatic. My intention was to use the original chair and the desk found even today at Mount Vernon, but as you see nether made it because they cluttered up the painting. I also thought about adding the 1776 flag, but took it out because it was over the top and again cluttered the message. Although the room is not an exact replica, I left out the chair rail, ceiling molding and some of the window trim, but the placement of the window, and the sun light in relation to the early spring or late fall, the door and the small table are reasonably accurate.

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