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George Washington’s and Colonel Americas Understanding of Providence

The Miraculous Care Of Providence

“. . . the miraculous care of Providence . . .”

were the words penned by a young man named George later to become commander of the Revolution Army, statesman, and the first President of the United States.  Many know George Washington as the Father of our Country; though few are familiar with his youth or … Read More

The Indians Prophecy (Pontiac)

The Indians’ Prophecy

Fifteen years after the battle of Monongahela George Washington and his friend Dr. James Craik returned to the Fort Duquesne region and encountered several Indians (at the time of the battle many of the surrounding Indian tribes participated such as Ottawas, Miamis, Hurons, Delawares [Lenni Lenape], Shawnees and … Read More

What is Providence

What is Providence?

In order to answer this question we are going to examine:  First, what did “Providence” mean to George Washington?  Secondly, what did it mean to his listeners?  Thirdly, what does “Providence” say to us today? I do not pretend to be an expert on George … Read More

Colonial Americans Understanding of Providence

Colonial Americans Understanding of Providence

Americans during and before Washington’s era understood the theological term “Providence” very well. “Providence” is not an American theological invention but comes to us starting with the early church (the church fathers like Clement, Origen) then the Reformation or “Reformed Theology”. “Providence” as a theological term was well establish … Read More